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SN Plus: Sponsored Content Series


This digital e-book has a broad list of categories and an opportunity to choose a topic relevant to your brand. 

SN Plus: Build on an important initiative or subject that is at the heart of your value proposition.


Rate: $4,000/issue

Limited Inventory

Only one sponsor per Sponsored Content piece.

Multiple platform exposure across social media, SNA website, and e-newsletter e-blasts. 


Topics may include: 

  • Allergies/Special Diets 

  • Customer Service 

  • Employee Training 

  • Equipment 

  • Farm to School 

  • Marketing & Engagement 

  • Meal Prep/Culinary 

  • Meal Service 

  • Menu Innovation 

  • Nutrition/Ag Education 

  • Personnel Management/HR 

  • Procurement/F&B 

  • Procurement/E,T & S 

  • Safety & Sanitation

Submit materials to:  Stephanie Frank | 410-584-1935 | 

Get Started 

Increase brand awareness and generate new leads with SNA advertising opportunities. 

Patron members receive 10% off ad placements and recognized agencies receive 15% off ad placements (discounts cannot be combined) 

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